SOURCES OF I join to Autumn Souls Of Sofia line-up

The festival Autumn Souls Of Sofia 2015 will take place on October 10, 2015 in Bar ZAR, Sofia, Bulgaria. For this moment on the poster of the event are announced Turkish Black Metal act MORIBUND OBLIVION, Serbian Doom Metal band THE FATHER OF SERPENTS and Bulgarian Death Doom Metal band BLEAK REVELATION. To the line-up joins Belgian-Bulgarian Melodic Black Metal band SOURCES OF I.


Deha; photo by Tzvetelin Krastev

SOURCES OF I is a Melodic Black Metal band formed by Deha, recently relocated in Sofia, Bulgaria. After several line up changes, the band found Vortep (DIMHOLT), Draghsin (THE CRIPPED GOD) & Delyan (UPYR, CENTER). The band released a one track rehearsal demo for free and were signed to the belgian label Tanquam Aegri Somnia for their debut EP to be out in May 2015. ‘SoI’ appeals to philosophy and negative introspection of the condition of the self.

news_Sources of I VS ASOS

Ticket sale started from April 1 via eTicketsMall (Worldwide), the price until the end of May will be 25 BGN (aprox. 12.80 EUR). The number of tickets is strictly limited to 150.

The organizers The Other Side says, that very soon will be announced more artists from Bulgaria and abroad. Check for actual information on the official site and  facebook page of the festival.

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