FROSTMOON ECLIPSE is the headliner of Autumn Souls Of Sofia 2015, the festival become two-day event

Italian Black Metal band FROSTMOON ECLIPSE will arrive in Sofia, Bulgaria, for exclusive for Balkans region show on October 10, 2015 in Bar ZAR (50 Tzar Samuil str.) for the second festival day of Autumn Souls Of Sofia 2015. For this moment on the poster are announced Turkish Black Metal act MORIBUND OBLIVION, Serbian Doom Metal band THE FATHER OF SERPENTS, Bulgarian Death Doom Metal band BLEAK REVELATION, Belgian-Bulgarian Melodic Black Metal band SOURCES OF I, Bulgarian Melodic Death Metal band CUPOLA and Bulgarian Black metallers DIMHOLT.

Frostmoon Eclipse

Frostmoon Eclipse

FROSTMOON ECLIPSE, hailing from Italy, has long been known for combining Old School Black Metal with acoustic interludes of haunting beauty, creating a distinct atmosphere which can be described as a long and dark descent through the catacombs and corridors of the inner self. Nihilistic Black Metal as a tool of awareness for humanity’s doom.

FROSTMOON ECLIPSE’s lineup includes:
Lorenzo Sassi – Vocals
Claudio Alcara – Guitars (STROSZEK)
Davide Gorrini – Bass (FIDES INVERSA (live), DEATHROW, VALKYRJA (live))

The festival becomes two-day event, the opening date will be October 9, 2015, Friday, the venue is Bar ZAR (50 Tzar Samuil str.) again. Very soon will be announced the artists for this firs day, they are from Bulgarian and Balkan underground scene.


Ticket sale is going via eTicketsMall, the price of two-day pass (“Early Bird” category) until the end of May is 25 BGN (aprox. 12.80 EUR). From June 1 the two-day pass will cost 35 BGN (aprox. 17.90 EUR). The number of tickets is strictly limited to 150.

Check for actual information on the official site and  facebook page of the festival.

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