Albanian Death Metal machine ATEN on Autumn Souls Of Sofia 2015, updated information about the tickets

Albanian Death Metal band ATEN received an invitation and will join the participants of  Autumn Souls Of Sofia Festival 2015, that will take place on October 9-10, 2015 in Bar ZAR, Sofia, Bulgaria.



ATEN is a Death Metal band formed in 2011 in Tirana, Albania. The band’s line-up stabilized by late 2012, spearheading the extreme metal scene in Albania. They released their first studio album ‘Horns of Evil’ on May 24th, 2014 and are now working for their second official release by the end of 2015. The name of the band referring to the Sun Disc of Egyptian Mythology, serves as a metaphor and symbol for the Sun as the source of life.


For this moment the line-up for October 10 is: Italian Black Metal band FROSTMOON ECLIPSE, Turkish Black Metal act MORIBUND OBLIVION, Serbian Doom Metal band THE FATHER OF SERPENTS, Bulgarian Death Doom Metal band BLEAK REVELATION, Belgian-Bulgarian Melodic Black Metal band SOURCES OF I, Bulgarian Melodic Death Metal band CUPOLA and Bulgarian Black metallers DIMHOLT.

The festival becomes two-day event, the opening date will be October 9, 2015, Friday, the venue is Bar ZAR (50 Tzar Samuil str.) . Very soon will be announced the artists for this firs day, they are from Bulgarian and Balkan underground scene, Norwegian headliner as well.


Ticket sale is going via eTicketsMall, the price of two-day pass (“Early Bird” category) until the end of May is 25 BGN (aprox. 12.80 EUR). From June 1 until August 31 the two-day pass will cost 35 BGN (aprox. 17.90 EUR), from September 1 until October 8 the two-day pass will cost 40 BGN (aprox. 20.50 EUR). At the doors (if remain) two-day pass will cost 45 BGN (aprox. 23 EUR), one-day pass will cost 30 BGN (15.40 EUR). The number of tickets is strictly limited to 150.

Check for actual information on the official site and  facebook page of the festival.

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