New ticket purchase options, accommodation information

The summer promotion of Autumn Souls Of Sofia 2015 is in action. Because we care about our fans, we decided to do few things for them as well:

New ticket outlets in Bulgaria. Except in, you can purchase tickets on-line via, this makes possile to buy passes in the follow outlets: Fastpay, Office 1 Superstore, book-stores Booktrading, Na Tamno stores, Music Shop Music Centre (Plovdiv) etc. Look for all the outlets.

It is important, use Event’s CODE: 27464 (code for fast service).

Also, you can purchase on-line tickets directly from our Facebook page.

Check our Tickets section for actual information.

Hostel MostelHostel Mostel is our official accommodation partner for the festival. Because the quality of their services, closed location to the venue as well, we choose Hostel Mostel as our official accommodation partner. Make your reservation now!

Check our Accommodation section for actual information.

Autumn Souls Of Sofia

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