Italian BLAZE OF SORROW will play on Souls Of Sofia 2015

Italian Atmospheric Black Metal band BLAZE OF SORROW arrives to Autumn Souls Of Sofia 2015, that will take place on October 9-10, 2015 in Bar ZAR, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Day, Night, Darkness, Light. The BLAZE OF SORROW’s Voyage touches the forgotten sides of mind. With the music we try to reach the highest peak of our feelings playing what we were supposed to play. Our notes are captured from sadness, nature’s beauty, water, fire, earth and wind. Let the shades embrace you thoughts, let the abyss caress your soul. We’re what we are: a fire’s breath in the infinity of the Sun.

Blaze Of Sorrow

Blaze Of Sorrow

Confirmed line-up:

October 9, Friday:

BLAZE OF SORROW (Black Metal, Italy)
ATEN (Death Metal, Albania)
AMBROZ (Black Death Metal, Macedonia)
EUFOBIA (Death’n’Roll, Bulgaria)
UNHUMANITY (Death Metal, Bulgaria)
WARSCUM (Death Metal, Bulgaria)
PROKAZA (Death Metal, Bulgaria)
M.I.R.F. (Death Metal, Bulgaria)
one more band tba

October 10, Saturday:

FROSTMOON ECLIPSE (Black Metal, Italy)
MORIBUND OBLIVION (Black Metal, Turkey)
BLEAK REVELATION (Death Doom Metal, Bulgaria)
SOURCES OF I (Melodic Black Metal, Bulgaria)
CUPOLA (Death Metal, Bulgaria)
DIMHOLT (Black Metal, Bulgaria)

Blaze Of Sorrow

Blaze Of Sorrow

The festival becomes two-day event, the opening date will be October 9, 2015, Friday, the venue is Bar ZAR (50 Tzar Samuil str.)

Ticket sale is going via eTicketsMall and Ticketlogic, the price of two-day pass until August 31 is 35 BGN (aprox. 17.90 EUR), from September 1 until October 9 the two-day pass will cost 40 BGN (aprox. 20.50 EUR). At the doors (if remain) – 40 BGN (aprox. 23 EUR) for two-day pass and one-day passеs:  15 BGN (8.70 EUR) for 9.10 and 30 BGN (15.40 EUR) for 10.10. The number of tickets is strictly limited to 150.

Check for actual information on the official site and  facebook page of the festival.

news_Blaze Of Sorrow 3

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