FROSTMOON ECLIPSE comes with new album to the festival

Italian Black Metal band FROSTMOON ECLIPSE reached a deal with Black Blood Records from Germany to release their new album „The Greatest Loss“ in the Autumn. The band presents the debut track. The tracklist is:

1 – The Greatest Loss
2 – Hell Thousandfold
3 – Noise Of The Wheel
4 – Aphotic Acquiescence
5 – The Nihil Speaks
6 – Torn Apart By The Withering Voices Of Deceit

The band will be the headliner of the second festival night of Autumn Souls Of Sofia 2015, that will take place on October 9-10, 2015 in Bar ZAR, Sofia, Bulgaria, and will present the songs from the new album.

news_Frostmoon Eclipse - The Greatest Loss - flyer

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