HELLRIDER replaced UNHUMANITY on Autumn Souls Of Sofia Festival 2015

Because urgent travel on band’s member, UNHUMANITY are forced to cancel their participation on Autumn Souls Of Sofia 2015, that will take place in club Maze (1 Hristo Belchev str., Sofia) on October 9 and 10, 2015. Their place on the first festival day is taken by Thrash Metallers HELLRIDER from Burgas.



Completed line-up is:

October 9, Friday:

BLAZE OF SORROW (Black Metal, Italy)
ATEN (Death Metal, Albania)
HYPERBOREA (Death Metal, Bulgaria)
EUFOBIA (Death’n’Roll, Bulgaria)
HELLRIDER (Thrash Metal, Bulgaria)
ПРОКАЗА (Death Metal, Bulgaria)
WARSCUM (Death Metal, Bulgaria)
M.I.R.F. (Death Metal, Bulgaria)

October 10, Saturday:

FROSTMOON ECLIPSE (Black Metal, Italy)
MORIBUND OBLIVION (Black Metal, Turkey)
AMBROZ (Black Death Metal, Macedonia)
BLEAK REVELATION (Death Doom Metal, Bulgaria)
SOURCES OF I (Melodic Black Metal, Bulgaria)
CUPOLA (Death Metal, Bulgaria)
DIMHOLT (Black Metal, Bulgaria)

The price of two-day passes is 35 BGN (aprox. 17.90 EUR) until the festival date. At the doors one-day passеs will cost:  15 BGN (8.70 EUR) for 9.10 and 25 BGN (aprox. 12.80 EUR) for 10.10. Ticket sale is going via eTicketsMall and Ticketlogic. Check „Tickets“ section for more information about ticket purchase.

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