FROSTMOON ECLIPSE streams one more song from their upcoming album

Italian Black Metal band FROSTMOON ECLIPSE presents their song „Hell Thousandfold“, from their new long-length album „The Greatest Loss“, which will be released in the Autumn by German label Black Blood Records.

The track list of „The Greatest Loss“ is:

1 – The Greatest Loss
2 – Hell Thousandfold
3 – Noise Of The Wheel
4 – Aphotic Acquiescence
5 – The Nihil Speaks
6 – Torn Apart By The Withering Voices Of Deceit

Frostmoon Eclipse

Frostmoon Eclipse

The band will be the headliner of the second festival night of Autumn Souls Of Sofia 2015, that will take place on October 9-10, 2015 in Club Maze, Sofia, Bulgaria, and will present the songs from the new album.

news_Frostmoon Eclipse - The Greatest Loss - flyer

News about the tickets: you can purchase combo ticket for the festival (two-day pass) and for the performance of IXXI, HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY, BOLG, SHAMBLESS and MATUBES (Sofia, November 27, 2015) for 50 BGN (25,58 EUR). 25 pieces are available exclusively in eTicketsMall.

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