INFERNO and ACHERONTAS are the first announced headliners for Autumn Souls Of Sofia 2016, the festival become three-day event

Czech Black Metal band INFERNO and Greek Occult Black metallers ACHERONTAS are the first announced headliners of the second edition of Autumn Souls Of Sofia Festival, the main part of which will take place in club Live & Loud, Sofia, Bulgaria on October 14 and 15, 2016.



The organizers The Other Side announced, that the event become three-days, the first festival day will held on October 13, 2016 in club Mixtape 5, B-Side. More details to be announced.

To the boutique club festival, that reflects Sofia’s souls of the fall, joins Swedish Melodic Doom Death Metal band WITHIN THE FALL, as well Bulgarian bands INVIDIA and ABADDON.

Limited quantity of tickets in „Early Bird“ category (50 BGN until January 15, 2016) are in sale online at  eTicketsMall , Ticketino and Ticketpro. Outlets for ticket sale: Ticket center of the National Palace of Culture,Yako Metal Shop, Arena Armeec, Usit Colors, Na Tamno, Orange Center, OMV and Office 1 Superstore.

Other confirmed bands are HELEVORN (Melodic Doom/Death Metal, Spain), HUMANITAS ERROR EST (Black Metal, Germany), EVADNE (Doom Metal, Spain), THE STONE (Black Metal, Serbia), ANOMALIE (Post Black Metal, Austria) and DIABLESS (Melodic Death Metal, Bulgaria).


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