German Black Metal band LEBENSSUCHT on the stage of Autumn Souls Of Sofia 2016

Black Metal band from Leipzig, LEBENSSUCHT, featured well known here Belgian musician Déhà, comes to the second edition of  Autumn Souls Of Sofia Festival, which will happened on October 13, 14 and 15, 2016 г. in Sofia, Bulgaria.

LEBENSSUCHT are: S Caedes – lead vocals; Déhà – guitars, bass, vocals; Ahephaïm – drums, vocals; Exil – live guitars, backing vocals; Abstrusus – live guitars, backing vocals.



Due personal reasons Swedish WITHIN THE FALL and Bulgarians DIABLESS cancelled their paticipation.

The event will take place in the clubs Maze (October 13) и Live & Loud (October 14 and 15).

Tickets are on sale (70 BGN / 35 EUR) at eTicketsMall, Ticketino, Ticketpro and Eventbook (for Romania).  Outlets for ticket sale: Ticket center of the National Palace of Culture,Yako Metal Shop, Arena Armeec, Usit Colors, Na Tamno, Orange Center, OMV and Office 1 Superstore.

Until the end of August: only in Friday, Saturday and Sunday 3-day pass can be purchased for 30 EUR from the system of eTicketsMall!

Other confirmed artists are ESOTERIC (Ambient Doom Death Metal, United Kingdom), DEN SAAKALDTE (Black Metal, Норвегия), ZATOKREV (Sludge, Switzerland), ANGREPP (Black Metal, Sweeden), MOURNING SUN (Death/Doom, Chile), CRETURA (Symphonic Extreme Metal, Norway),  (ECHO) (Atmospheric Doom Metal, Italy), THE REVENGE PROJECT (Melodic Death Metal, Bulgaria), INFLIKTED (Thrash Metal, Sweden), REDENIK (Necro Crossover, Serbia), SELVANS (Atmospheric Folk/Black Metal, Italy), FEN (Post Black Metal, United Kingdom), INFERNO (Black Metal, Czech), WITHIN THE FALL (Melodic Death Doom Metal, Sweeden), INVIDIA (Black Metal, Bulgariaя), ABADDON (Death Metal, Bulgariaя), HELEVORN (Melodic Doom/Death Metal, Spain), HUMANITAS ERROR EST (Black Metal, Germany), EVADNE (Doom Metal, Spain) and THE STONE (Black Metal, Serbia).

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