Artists 2016

13.10.2016 (club Fans, purchase one-day ticket)
ABADDON (Death Metal, Bulgaria)
INFLIKTED (Thrash Metal, Sweden)
CRETURA (Symphonic Extreme Metal, Norway)
WHEN NOTHING REMAINS (Atmospheric Doom Death Metal, Sweden)
SEPTEMBER CODE (Progressive Rock, Greece)
THE STONE (Black Metal, Serbia)
INFERNO (Black Metal, Czech)

14.10.2016 (club Live & Loud, purchase one-day ticket)
AKRAL NECROSIS (Black Metal, Romania)
HUMANITAS ERROR EST (Black Metal, Germany)
ANGREPP (Black Metal, Sweden)
DEN SAAKALDTE (Black Metal, Norway)
(ECHO) (Atmospheric Doom Metal, Italy)
MOURNING SUN (Death/Doom, Chile)

15.10.2016 (club Live & Loud, purchase one-day ticket)
INVIDIA (Black Metal, Bulgaria)
THE REVENGE PROJECT (Death Metal, Bulgaria)
LEBENSSUCHT (Black Metal, Germany)
REDENIK (Necro Crossover, Serbia)
EVADNE (Doom Metal, Spain)
ZATOKREV (Sludge, Switzerland)
SELVANS (Atmospheric Folk/Black Metal, Italy)
ESOTERIC (Ambient Doom Death Metal, United Kingdom)

3-day tickets are on sale (70 BGN / 35 EUR) at eTicketsMall, Ticketino, Ticketpro and Eventbook (for Romania).  Outlets for ticket sale: Ticket center of the National Palace of Culture,Yako Metal Shop, Arena Armeec, Usit Colors, Na Tamno, Orange Center, OMV and Office 1 Superstore.

Autumn Souls Of Sofia 2016