Tickets are on sale (70 BGN / 35 EUR) at eTicketsMall, Ticketino, Ticketpro and Eventbook (for Romania).  Outlets for ticket sale: Ticket center of the National Palace of Culture,Yako Metal Shop, Arena Armeec, Usit Colors, Na Tamno, Orange Center, OMV and Office 1 Superstore.

Buy ticket online / Купи билет от eTicketsMallBuy ticket for Autumn Souls Of Sofia 2016Since September 1 exclusively in the system of eTicketsMall start the sale of 1-day tickets. You can purchase tickets for Day 1 (October 13), Day 2 (October 14) and Day 3 (October 15).

Dear friends, for details about online ticket purchase process, please contact with our partners from eTicketsMall or Ticketpro and they will help you kindly.



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